The VI Annual Forum of the EUSBSR 15-16.06 Jurmala, Latvia.

The VI Annual Forum of the EUSBSR, 'Achieving e-Quality by Connecting the Region', will be held on 15-16 June in Jūrmala, Latvia. It will be one of the large-scale international events hosted during the Latvian presidency of the Council of the European Union and it will integrate the Presidency priorities: Competitive, Digital and Engaged Europe. It will discuss issues of digital connectivity, digital equality and touch upon issues how the information and communication technology is transforming the region and changing the lives of the citizens.

The debates will seek answers to questions like
-how to build new foundation for growth in the Baltic Sea Region
-how to improve infrastructure that will deliver digital connectivity
-how to convert barriers into a drive for economic growth, jobs, better competitiveness and social inclusion
-how to empower e-citizenship and ensure equal access to technology and services
-can the EUSBSR be a more workable tool in enhancing economic and social well-being of the people by promoting digital culture?

The Forum will serve as a major gathering of regional experts, stakeholders, government officials, and representatives from non-governmental organisations (NGO), students and academics, and other interested parties and will present an opportunity to discuss common challenges, analyse the overall progress of the Strategy and develop recommendations for its future implementation.

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Forum Agenda (PDF)

European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region - ACTION PLAN (Word)

Danube Civil Society Forum (PPT)

Riga’s report on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region, progress in implementing - TALSI (PPT)

Report on participation in the implementation of the Baltic Sea strategy of citizens and civil society organizations (Word)

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