Growing together 2015

Project's main objective is to propagate work education in cooperation with parents and children through developing the children's skills and giving new information and developing opportunities.

Target groups

Direct participants are 10 families (parents and children) and  60 kids from kindergarten on child welfare day. Interest groups are all parents and their children in Sillamäe and the municipalities different institutions (kindergarten, library).


  • 15.05.2015 Family day (Information events on project's main themes and games using active methods).
  • 21.05.2015 Child play "My work - rights and responsibilities" Through different methods and completing homework. .
  • 01.06.2015 Child Welfare Day Event: Childhood and worklife" Creative work shop in cooperation with NGO Ida-Virumaa Handcraft Union. Fairytale therapy of work and laziness. Competition "My favorite memento" and joint dinner in kindergartens. .
  • 06.06.2015 Recognition event for participants along with honoring the recipiants of the title "Friend of Children 2014" . 
  • Presenting materials connected to child welfare work and the magazine "Märka Last".
  • Electronic composition book "Work education and the future of children" – information material published on the website.

Project supported by Estonian Union for Child Welfare.