Estonian Youth in Baltic Artek 2013

Tree representatives from Sillamäe Society of Child Wellfare, Stanislav Kuznetsov, Lauri Kreutzwald and Alar Kaljakin participated in Baltic Artec which took place from 7.-15. Aaugust in Russia, Kaliningrad oblast.

A nine-day youth tent camp included learning process as well as entertainment. 1500 participants including 40 people abroad, could listen to lectures and take part in nine different workshop: "Environment of the Future", "Art Space", "Mediastream", "Proactive attitude", "Kindness", "You are an enterpreneur", "Mentor of theFuture", "Your business" and "International". Three Estonian belonged to the last, „International” group.
At the forum, Sillamäe Society of Child Wellfare was introuced (best practices), information bookletes and some Estonian souvenirs shared.


Forum were visited by more than 200 of notable russian and foreign speakers. Among them — editor-in-chief of"Echo of Moscow" radiostation Alexey Venediktov, voice teacher Vladimir Korobka, musiciant DJ Miller, doctor of political sciences Mikhail Iljin, president of George Simons International George Simons, trainers of Team Academy (Finland), representatives of the Council of Europe and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and internationalevent and IT-projects incubator Garage48.

Entertainment – Baltic Artek forum took place for the 4th year on the coast of Baltic See, Russian most European part, in the Kaliningrad region. Former Königsberg situates between Poland and Lithuania. Estonia delegation visited also a beautyful city of Kaliningrad, a bit bigger than Tallinn, lying on the bank of river Pregolja, is the centre of Kaliningrad region. Due to bombing during the second World War, there is only one original German time red brick building remained – cathedral of Köningsberg on a tiny island. Estonians also visited amber museum and see museum where they could go into a submarine. Probably the most famous person from Kaliningrad is a German philopher Immanuel Kant. Local university is named after him.

News editor of Russian new of Estonian National Broadcasting, Stanislav Kuznetsov: "It was an extremely nice event where we all brought something with us …".

Information manager of Art Gymnasium in Tallinn, Lauri Kreutzwald: "Baltic Artek was extremely coluorful event for me. I participated in everything I could. The most special ones were "Garage 48 Kaliningrad seaside special” and ,,BaltCTF”. Also a roundtable and workshops gave the opportunity to do new big actions with good friens.

Youth football coach from JK Tallinna Kalev and volunteer of SSCW Alar Kaljakin: „It was very first time for me to participate in such a dent camp. Before the forum I expected more foreign participants and possibilities to really take part in every workshop. Because majority of them were in Russian I could choose only a few places to go. Fortunately, I got a Russian friend who translated me. I was happy to be in a Russian environment to get more motivation to learn Russian. In addition I met some very nice person with whom I communicate even now and have a reason to go visit Russia. Even though, I expected more from Baltic Artek, I don’t regret at all being there and I certainly recommend others to go there next years.”.

Baltic Artek:

Event presentatsioon - Alar Kaljakin (PPT in Estonian)