International Seminar "Youth for Arab Baltic cooperation"

Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare (SSCW) took part from 19-25.11 November in Vilnius, Lithuania in an international seminar "Youth for Arab Baltic cooperation". Seminar was attended by 25 representatives from Baltic and Arab countries to advance youth work related cooperation between regions.

Seminar looked for new opportunities for young people and youth coordinators from both regions to create equal cooperation and ensure the developent of joint activities. The participants shared their experiences on nonformal education, to develop skills concerning media and local society. The programme was varied - incl a conference themed "Challenges and opportunities in cooperation between regions", SWOT analysis, apping realities for young people, introducing best practices and civil society models.

The purpose for SSCW (which was fulfilled) was to gain contacts and partners among Anna Lindh Foundation members and other organisations to build a preliminary sustainable platform for the future. As a direct result SSCW with three partners from Sweden - Lulea Youth Centre, Morocco- Mediterreanean Youth Forum, Egypt - Biblioteca Alexandria have prepared a project idea for 2013 - on gender empowerment, youth advocacy and raising an active citizen.

Through Anna Lindh Foundationi SSCW is already continuing the work. From 16-18 December II Alexandria Convention will take place to build a "Intercultural Citizenship Education" programme and a teaching resource aimed at formal and nonformal education sectors.

Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare's participation in the conference was supported by National Civil Society Foundation thourgh the round of spreading the Estonian civil society experience internationally. SSCW was represented by Vassili Golikov

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