About organisation

Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare (SSCW) is a public interest nongovernmental organisation that was created December, 8th in 1989. During its long history SSCW has been working actively towards creating a child and youth friendly environment in our society.  Year after year we expand our scope of activities and topic we deal with to create a broad and significant activities in society. Today, SSCW have made and supported more than 150 projects in its county, state and increasingly at the International level.

Missioon: Protection of children’s rights and to empower young people.

Visionjust and inclusive society, where children and young people are treated as equals.

Sillamäe Society of Child Welfare on-going programs:

  • Active Citizen and Civil Society development programme
  • Gender Equality Programme
  • Co-management program and youth participation and involvement in the decision-making process
  • Sustainable Development Programme
  • Integration programme
  • Volunteer development programme
  • Children’s Rights programme
  • Child and Family Center „Notice the child“ Operation and development in Sillamäe
  • Ida-Viru county Children and youth aid fund
  • International cooperation program
  • Recognition of the protection of children rigths „Children`s Friend“ Award and for the development of civil society „Ida-Viru NGO Award“

More than two decades ago started regionaal level organization has become an recognized organisation which is capable to successfully carry out projects on local, national and International level. Sillamäe Society of Child Welfare  Sillamäe Lastekaitse Ühing has since  1990 been a member of the Union of Child Welfare and belongs to EKAK joint committee as the only foreign-language organization (since 2012), is European anti-poverty organizations (EAPN) member (since 2010), Anna Lindh Foundation Estonia (since 2007) member and has consultative status in the UN Economic and Social Commission (ECOSOC) (since 2014) and in february 2015 became member of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations and in october 2015   a member of the Roundtable for Development cooperation.

SSCW works in cooperation with partners / stakeholders such as the Goverment od the Republic of Estonia, the European Council, the Arab League, United Nations agencies, national and International funds.