Project: Civil Society in Estonia

Project objectives: Training course entitled "Civil society in Estonia" the pupose of which is to give an overview of civil society and its development in Estonia combining theoretical and practical approaches to demonstrate the practical value of civil society and thoughroughly explain project writing and management as a crucial part in a functioning civil society. Through this the aim is to integrate students from Russian speaking schools stronger into an Estonian civil society.

Target groups: Public school children in Ida–Virumaa aged 16-19 years. Schools in Sillamäe and Narva have been chosen. Altogether 60 students will be involved.  

Activities: Training course is compriased of 10 lessons and conducted by trainers with long experience in being actively involved in civil society and who have the necessary theoretical knowledge.

The themes are as follows:

1. Introduction. The term civil society. 
2. Historical development of civil society in Estonia. Civil Society in post socialistic change.
3. NGOs and their part 
4. Estonian Civil Society Development Plan. Cooperation between civil society and public sector.
5. Seminar I: Project writing and management: Theory
6. Seminar II: Project writing and management. Practice
7. Volunteer work and its development
8. European influence on Estonian civil society: European Citizenship, networking and European financing. 
9. Seminar III: Civil society accomplishments in Estonia: Practical examples
10.Conclusions. Future of Civil Society

Training course will be conducted in Estonian with translations into Russian when necessary.  

Project was funded by Estonian Gambling Tax Fund and Ministry of Education and Research.