Expert meeting of Council of Europe and European Union experts on Youth Policy

Silllamäe Society for Child Welfare participated in expert meeting of European Council and European Union experts called "Mapping of barriers encountered by young people in vulnerable situations" where youth policy was the main topic. 

Meeting took place from 30.09-02.10.2014 in Strasbourg, France.

The expert seminar gathered representatives of research, policy and practice. It aimed at sharing the provisional findings of the above mentioned mapping and at complementing the first results with knowledge from policy and practice (youth work practice and relevant experiences from social services and NGOs). The draft documents from our selected experts have been consolidated after the seminar, considering its conclusions and recommendations. Debates at the seminar will be translated into recommendations for youth policy and youth work to be integrated in the mapping of barriers report which will be presented at the follow up event, the forthcoming Malta conference on the role of youth work in supporting young people in vulnerable situations.

Report on the meeting for EAPN

Conclusions from Council of Europe 

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