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SSCW is developing a new communicatin and informative plathorm. 

Due to SSCW is an organisation with a long history and wider field of actions we hope to fish developing a new SSCW 2.0 communication tool by the end of December 2022.

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Brief introduction to the SSCW


Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare (SSCW) is a public interest nongovernmental organisation that was created December, 8th in 1989. During these years SSCW has been working actively towards creating a child and youth friendly environment in our society. Each year we have broadened the reach of our activities to initiate broad-based and society-wise noticeable initiatives. Today SSCW has conducted and supported more than 130 projects not only on the county but also on country and lately on an international level 

SCSW activity is consistently expanding. Activities have been directed at the entire nation and more specifically different areas of the nation like Sillamäe, Tallinn, Harju County or Ida-Virumaa. SSCW has celebrated 25th anniversary in  year 2014. A small regional organisation has grown over two decades into a respected organisation, capable of conducting project and initiatives on the local, national and international level and is a part of (among other things) Estonian Civil Society Concept joint committee, European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), Anna Lindh Foundation Estonian network, Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation,  and has a consultative status with ECOSOC at the UN.

Although the organisation has recieved bigger international opportunities SSCW has always valued local development at Ida-Virumaa and actively involving organisations who don’t speak Estonian as a main language. SSCW translates information related to civil society and organises events to increase awareness and skills, among them Ida-Virumaa Civil Society Forum and Ida-Virumaa Youth Forum. SSCW is presently also in charge of Ida-Virumaa Civil Society Network.  

Our development cooperation consists of activities that we do in the frameworks of our projects, especially relating to international cooperation. We have done several projects in cooperation with our partners from Africa, Asia and Southern American countries. With countries of North-Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Tunis) we cooperate on developing their civil society and we support (when we can) youth organisations and community development. We are also an active member in the networks of Peace Child International and Water & Youth, where we contribute to environmental issues and have participated in expert meetings in Scotland (UK), Korea, Canada, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil and Spain.  

In addition one of our organisation’s programmes is propagating healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle and raising awareness of Intercultural Dialogue and World Education.  

Towards inclusive and sustainable Europe 2021-2022

PROJECT: Towards inclusive and sustainable Europe 


Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation

Project aims to raise awareness about the importance of involving migrants and minorities fully in the civic society as well as sensitising them to understand and appreciate the normality of different worldviews, customs and ways of life among human beings. In addition the project aims to support migrant & minority communities in exercising their rights and responsibilities in society and enhance their feeling of belonging to the community, both local and European.
Project activities includes: six public debates in partner countries on questions challenging minorities/migrants and our society; a media campaign on combating the stigmatisation and importance of inclusion/integration target groups; and a central event of the project is an active citizenship week with a very diverse agenda. We aim to simultaneously highlight minority and migrants’ involvement on a local level and in the larger European Community and celebrate it. Active citizenship week includes: concerts, intercultural fair, creative workshops and an international conference. Around that event we aim to build an informal network of organisations, gov. institutions and active citizens working on ground with migrants and minority.
Partner courtiers: Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Greece. Totally in project will take part 505 participants.
- A European report on the situation of migrants and minorities in our society and required changes in EU policies (based on the public debated/polls outcomes & experts views) with practical solutions.
- A web resource, that we have dubbed the Intercultural Citizenship Network. This is intended as a platform for networking for organisations/active citizens across Europe who is dealing with migrants/minority issues on different levels of the society, but mainly those who are involved in the fields of advocacy, human rights, culture or education.
- Empowered and tolerant European citizens.

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Connect 2021 FESTIVAL

November 2021 in Tallinn, Estonia

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