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Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare (SSCW) is a public interest nongovernmental organisation that was created December, 8th in 1989. During these years SSCW has been working actively towards creating a child and youth friendly environment in our society. Each year we have broadened the reach of our activities to initiate broad-based and society-wise noticeable initiatives. Today SSCW has conducted and supported more than 130 projects not only on the county but also on country and lately on an international level 

SCSW activity is consistently expanding. Activities have been directed at the entire nation and more specifically different areas of the nation like Sillamäe, Tallinn, Harju County or Ida-Virumaa. SSCW has celebrated 25th anniversary in  year 2014. A small regional organisation has grown over two decades into a respected organisation, capable of conducting project and initiatives on the local, national and international level and is a part of (among other things) Estonian Civil Society Concept joint committee, European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), Anna Lindh Foundation Estonian network, Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation,  and has a consultative status with ECOSOC at the UN.

Although the organisation has recieved bigger international opportunities SSCW has always valued local development at Ida-Virumaa and actively involving organisations who don’t speak Estonian as a main language. SSCW translates information related to civil society and organises events to increase awareness and skills, among them Ida-Virumaa Civil Society Forum and Ida-Virumaa Youth Forum. SSCW is presently also in charge of Ida-Virumaa Civil Society Network.  

Our development cooperation consists of activities that we do in the frameworks of our projects, especially relating to international cooperation. We have done several projects in cooperation with our partners from Africa, Asia and Southern American countries. With countries of North-Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Tunis) we cooperate on developing their civil society and we support (when we can) youth organisations and community development. We are also an active partner in the networks of Peace Child International and Water & Youth, where we contribute to environmental issues and have participated in expert meetings in Scotland (UK), Korea, Canada, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil and Spain.  

In addition one of our organisation’s programmes is propagating healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle and raising awareness of Intercultural Dialogue and World Education.  

Anna Lindh Network Days for Intercultural Citizenship Education in Helsinki

Anna Lindh Network Days for Intercultural Citizenship Education (August 26-31 in Helsinki) is a joint event of 9 national Anna Lindh (ALF) networks in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia. The event is divided into two separate but thematically interrelated parts: a regional forum (August 26-27) and a regional training on intercultural citizenship education (August 28-31).

The Anna Lindh Network Days aims at connecting the Network members from the north and south of the Mediterranean interested in or involved with intercultural citizenship education to discuss and identify issues related to intercultural citizenship in their respective countries and to learn about regional differences and similarities and best practices.

The project follows recommendations of the Malta EuroMed Forum of 2016, which identified education as a strategic theme for future intercultural dialogue and youth as one of the key target groups by placing education at its center and targeting youth and educators. It brings together the strengths of national Networks to utilize, promote and further develop the new Handbook for Intercultural Citizenship Education published by Anna Lindh Foundation in 2017 (available online). 

The Handbook is a tool to support learning with young people focused on the knowledge and skills to play an active role in civic life at the local and international level. The Handbook covers both theoretical and practical aspects of intercultural citizenship learning, including practical case studies from across the Mediterranean region.

Resuls of Estoinan project "Euromed: Education without borders" will be presented also at this meeting and Sillamäe Soceity for Chil Welfare will be presented by Sophie Khalid, expert. Also some project partners will be also taking part in this meeting.

Euromed: Education without borders is on the way to III creative meeting in April 2017

Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare ( from 5th of September 2016 till 4th July 2017is running international project "Euromed: Education without borders" in cooperation with partners from European and Arab countries. Project has been co-funded by Anna Lindh Foundation and

The main is to encourage creative solutions and advance intercultural education among young people of the Euro-Mediterranean region to increase communication and build trust to motivate young people cross borders to take charge of the development of the Euro-Mediterranean region and recognize the benefits of working together across cultural boundaries as we share common goals and a common future. Project target group is and Young people from partner countries who are active and interested in the Euro-Mediterranean issues and have experience in education, youth work and creativity.

Euromed: Education without borders its an great oppotunity for European and Arab countries to build a bringde of cooperation, bridge of trust and communication on imporant topic like Education, Youth, Intercultural Dialogue and

Project has 3 main actions fields:

Three Creative Meetings (in Sweden, Morocco and Tunisia),

The focus of the III creative meeting is to exchange best practicies, to get to know more about local context to the discussion of intercultural citizenship education (incl. educational, cultural and youth work) and facilitate the group activities then moved on the web-resource and the toolkit, by defining the final concepts and design of two main outcomes - educational toolkit and web-resource. Through the three creative meetings the participants have received new ideas and tools on how to use creativity in addressing societal issues and have participated in developing them further. The methodology has been comprised together into a concrete form as a toolkit and also uploaded o the electronic web-resource that can be used as an education tool by participant organisations, but also schools, youth centers etc.

An Editorial meeting in Egypt

In May 2017, we will run the main editorial meetings in Egypt, where final decisions will be made. The first versions of Educational toolkit and web-resource will be officially presented on the international conference.  

An International Conference in Estonia.

As the final event of this project  (open to participants from all Euro-Mediterranean countries) will be organised in order to discuss on high level event which connects a unique regional network of practitioners, policy-makers, media and international donors, united to create together real and lasting change in the face of the region’s most pressing problems. Also its place officially launch the project results (the toolkit and the web resource) and publicize the results as widely as possible.

 The International Conference -  it will be a one day event, but it will be followed by an evaluation meeting on the next day following the conference. International Grand Conference will take place on the 9th of June 2017 in Tallink Conference and Spa Hotel at 10.00 am. 

International Grand conference will be co-organised by all 10 partners in cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation and in collaboration with a far-reaching coalition of institutional partners (European Commission, Council of Europe, Union for the Mediterranean, League of Arab States, ISESCO, UNESCO) and civil society organisations.

The conference is the biggest separate project activity and will therefore have an additional separate call where local (Estonians) and international participants who wish to only take part in conference. 

 So far, the project is on the phase of preperation of III Creative meeting in April 2017 and we were glad to see that in the meetings participants is taking active role.

All partners, invited experts giving they input to put together intercultural education toolkit (which is adapted and unified more less for all partner coutries, including by using the main resources and approaeches of Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural C

The outputs of project its a 3 creative meetings carried out, published and presented on international confernce  educational toolkit and electronic web-resource in 3 official langueages (English, Arabi and French).

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